Wading Through Shallow Water
by Toni Morrow Wyatt
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Bookstore owner, Dee Dee Montgomery, was born with a gift. Not only does she
possess magical powers, she is able to tell the history of an object
by touching it. Fiercely independent, the last thing Dee Dee is
looking for is love.
Whenauthor, Alex Winter, loses his wife to cancer shortly after the birth
of their son, writing becomes his therapy. His book, Moving Past the
Hurt, spurs a book signing tour, which leads him to Dee Dee’s
Just when Dee Dee’s world is about to turn into a fairy tale, a tragic
accident rips it all away.
Kate Waterhouse, Alex’s ex-sister-in-law, pops into town as things are
falling apart, bringing her handsome, arrogant brother, Blake.
Determined to claim what she believes is rightfully hers, Kate must locate her
family’s Book of Shadows. As Kate’s evil plot unfolds, leaving lives
on the line, Dee Dee must face the Waterhouse siblings or risk losing
everyone she loves.
“Wake up, San Antonio. It’s Monday,” the voice bellowed.

“Say it isn’t so,” Dee Dee grumbled.

Sitting up, she dangled her feet over the edge of the four-poster Victorian bed. She had found it at an estate sale last month and had fallen in love with it at first sight. Four tall mahogany posts with a beautiful lace canopy made her feel as if she were a princess tucked away in a castle. It had taken four men to carry it up the stairs and over an hour for them to assemble it. Running her hand over one of the carved posts, she smiled as the past life of the bed played out in vivid images in her mind. This was one of the best perks about having her gift, being able to know the history of an object by simply touching it.

This bed, for instance, had belonged to a couple who had lived during Victorian times. Closing her eyes, Dee Dee could see the girl running through tall, waving grass in an effort to rendezvous with the man she loved. He was a poor carpenter, and her father didn’t approve. Their favorite meeting place was under the protective arms of a giant oak tree. Its sprawling branches towered up to the sky, enticing them to climb up and away from the unfair world in which they lived. Their romance was brief, but intense. When the girl’s father heard of their relationship, he sent her abroad. Having no resources to find her, the carpenter had built this bed out of his love for her, using the very boughs that had hidden the lovers from prying eyes. When Dee Dee lay under its canopy, it was as if the embrace of his loving arms held her safe. The passion of the carpenter coursed through every timber and carving.

The only thing the bed lacked was a stepping stool. She loved spending her weekends browsing for the right one, which when found, would help her climb up onto the lofty mattress. So far, her search had been unsuccessful. She wouldn’t give up. She knew it was out there, and she would find it.

Toni Morrow Wyatt grew up in a small town in Illinois. Her love of reading
and writing was the greatest gift her mother gave her. In later
years, she opened her own independent book business named, Kindred
Books. In 2006, she folded the business and moved to the San
Antonio/Boerne, Texas area, where she lived for three years. Her
newest novel, Wading Through Shallow Water is set there.
Her flash fiction piece, “A Knock of Chance” was published in From
the Depths literary journal in 2012. Her first novel, Return to Rocky
Gap quickly followed. Her award winning short story, Spuds Dawson Has
His Day was published in the Belle Reve Literary Journal. Her young
adult suspense/mystery, A Killing Among Friends, was released in
2015. You can also find it in Twisted: A Thriller Collection. Last
year, she released A Walk Between the Winds, which was co-authored
with her mother, Margaret Chism Morrow.
When not writing, she devotes her time to her family, reading as much as she
possibly can, and research. She currently lives in North Carolina
with her husband and two sons.
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