About Vendetta

This book was a passion project.

Seventeen year old Prince Henry Earlin and his sister are the only surviving members of their family after an attack by trolls. Henry will use his considerable skill with a sword and his supernatural ability to communicate with animals to avenge the murders and seek to regain his father’s throne. Along the way he falls in love with a princess and goes to China to consult with the country’s dragon master.

Upon his return, he must join the army from his sweetheart’s kingdom in a battle to the death with the trolls. The outcome will determine: Who will reign over England? There’s a lot of elements of mental health hidden within the book.

About Stephanie Michaels

Thanks for having me Lesley, I was taught to read by my mother, and began reading at the age of four years old.

I’ve always loved reading and learning, in fact, I loved it so much, that I became a teacher in my 20’s.

The YA genre is my favorite to read, I like how the characters are going through that phase of life that’s all about self discovery.

I believe anyone, regardless of age, can identify with that aspect of life.

There is also a lot of action within YA novels.

I began writing short stories at the age of 12, and began writing poetry in high school. Vendetta began as a hobby, which I started writing about eight years ago in my spare time.

I also have some younger children’s books that I haven’t published yet, but am looking forward to doing so.

Link to my book

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