Unexpected Obsession
Barbara Strickland

About the book

From new Australian author Barbara Strickland, a contemporary romance about love and obsession spanning two worlds

A vow to her dying father takes Lia from Sydney to the Mediterranean island of Sicily. There she discovers Nico, once her childhood hero, has become an arrogant alpha male determined to prevent her from keeping that promise. Destiny has other plans.  Bitter hearts warm under the spell of a feisty Australian girl and soon antagonism unravels to reveal forbidden passions.  Under Sicilian skies the clash of cultures will lead Lia and Nico into unexpected consequences.

About the author

I’m an Aussie with an Italian heritage. The warmth and beauty of both cultures has always inspired me, and I thought mixing it all together and adding a few other cultures in my books would be fun. I grew up in a multi-cultural environment with a dream to speak as many languages as possible, travel till there is no more to be seen, and own a dog and cat and have space for them both. I have a degree in teaching, and am currently working with migrants to improve their English and think this is the best kind of teaching.

Love reading, my grandkids, blogging, all music and ballroom dancing when not writing and drinking too much coffee.


“So from now on, what will Lia do when I request something of her?” Nico asked returning to his previous stern stance, a long, long time later. The shutter filtered the last of the day’s light and only enhanced the beauty of the woman in front of him. He untied her hands, removed the blindfold before stretching out beside her, his pose deliberately intimidating.

The effect he was hoping for, in Lia’s opinion was spoiled by the delicious nudity at her fingertips. “Ignore you so I have to be punished?”

He rolled her to her side so that he could give her bottom a hard slap, not once but twice, before he spoke again. “You do understand that this isn’t the way this is supposed to end, that it’s not the way the game is played?”

“What should I have said then?” Lia was not the least bit bothered by his words, rubbing a soothing hand over her now pink bottom.

He shook his head. Francesca and he would have played this scene so differently. He would have dressed in brooding silence, leaving without a word or a sign to signify there would be a next time. All of it had been designed carefully to tease and taunt in a highly-disciplined game of rigid rules guaranteed to keep her under his control and wanting more. He had fucking loved that power; it was food and drink to him. There were always boundaries to stretch further. He hadn’t realised it was because he was missing something. Nico looked down at the woman in his bed, at the long limbs, at the swollen belly that only highlighted her allure, at the sleek sheen of sweat covering her very satisfied body, and lastly the part of her, soft and wet, evidencing his thorough possession. With her, it was everything every time.


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