Who is Lesley Wilson?

Lesley Wilson was born in North Yorkshire, she was inspired to write stories at an early age. She turned her father’s garage into a theatre and produced juvenile dramas. Local kids who watched her shows were expected to donate a penny to the RSPCA.

In her early teens, Lesley joined an amateur theatre company and took part in many productions.

On a train trip to Italy in 1957, Lesley met a young man. A whirlwind courtship followed before he joined the British Army. Fifteen months and hundreds of letters later, Lesley, aged seventeen, boarded a troop ship bound for Singapore, where she married the love of her life.

Lesley’s careers have included fashion modeling, market research and running her own business but writing has always been her true passion. She completed a course in Creative Writing and Journalism with the London School of Writing and has been an active member of a writers’ group.

She now lives with her husband in North Queensland, and enjoys frequent visits by her two teenage grandchildren. When Lesley isn’t writing, she loves to read, entertain friends, and travel.

How Oric Eventuated
Lesley Wilson

Several years ago I constructed a fabric figure on a wire armature. I dressed him in a long, purple tunic, flowing silver cloak, and perched a scholar’s cap upon his head. A cloud of wispy white hair and beard added character to his charm.  With his gnarled fingers wrapped around a book of herbal recipes, he looks every inch the medieval apothecary. I fell in love with the little man, and named him Ichtheus. He was the catalyst that began the Oric Trilogy.  Over the following few years I wrote Oric and the Alchemist’s Key, which was published in 2016, followed by Oric and the Lockton Castle Mystery in 2017, the third and final book in the trilogy, Oric and the Web of Evil, was published in 2018.

My youth was spent cycling and hiking vast acres of heather and gorse-clad moors in N. Yorkshire. This playground, coupled with many medieval towns and villages, which exist to this day, provided me with a wonderful backdrop on which to base my stories and characters.

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