Fiona lives in Somerset with her husband Jason and children Ethan and Olivia. She is part of the 100 Women Project who has supported her and is continuing to do so.

This is the first book she has written which she has decided to publish after having lots of other ideas for books which are currently sitting waiting to be started.

Currently working as a Freelance User Experience (UX) Researcher and Consultant which enables time for family life and a little bit of time for writing although it is always difficult to squeeze everything in. She loves to write and always have lots of ideas which constantly float around in her head and never reach paper.

Her son was the one who really challenged me to write a story. They were discussing reading and writing and she was trying to get him to write more and complete his homework. He then challenged her to write too – so she did and that’s how ‘The Kingdom of Time’ stories began.

The Kingdom of Time series began as an idea for one book but she realised when writing the first that there was more than just one.

She completed the first story, which took approximately two years from start to finish and enjoyed it so much that she immediately started writing the second. Now with the first two books completed she is now working on the third and Lucian and Aroura are continuing their journey through ‘The Kingdom of Time’.

The books are available on at the moment in paperback and on Kindle Edition.

The Kingdom of Time : Time Stands Still
Amazon UK

The Kingdom of Time : The Frozen Realm
Amazon UK

The Kingdom of Time – Time Stands Still – extract

The clock shop in Cabbencott Village is a wondrous place to visit. Its chiming clocks and ticking timepieces enthral and enchant everyone who steps across the threshold. One Sunday morning the clock shop door is open and the owner Mr Wilkins is nowhere to be seen. Something has happened, the clocks are damaged and everything is quiet. Lucian and Aroura have found themselves in a world where time is under threat. They must reach the Central Clock in the Kingdom of time before their enemy Draegan does.

What does Draegan have planned and how long will it take the children to reset the clocks and find Old Father Time?

Lucian and Aroura will need the help of others that dwell in the Kingdom of Time but who are they and who can they trust to be their guides.


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