Radio host Mark Stephen Pooler, who was left suffering from low self-esteem and confidence issues after enduring years of bullying over his sexuality, has become an international bestselling author.

Pooler’s experiences led him into drug abuse and a downward spiral, which almost claimed his life. However, this brush with death became the catalyst for change. Now a highly acclaimed public speaking coach and hugely successful author, his latest book is designed to help struggling entrepreneurs transform their lives.

Radio host Mark Stephen Pooler

The latest release is entitled Step into Your Brilliance, and is full of practical advice as well as inspirational personal stories from his own past experience. Speaking after the publication, Pooler said,

“I am living proof that you can turn your life around and move forwards once you’ve hit rock bottom. I was just a normal guy from the West Midlands, but the shock of almost losing my life made me realise I had to turn my painful experiences into something positive.

“No matter your past or present circumstances, anything is possible in today’s modern world of social media entrepreneurship. If you can develop a strong work ethic, find your focus and be open-minded to learning new things, then the world can open up to you and you can achieve anything. Step into Your Brilliance was written with the sole purpose of inspiring people who are at their lowest ebb, giving them the tools and confidence they need to seize life once again.”

Now widely celebrated as a leading PR media expert, Pooler’s inspirational story has seen his latest book climbing the international bestseller lists. In addition to his writing and public speaking, Pooler is also a radio host on the UI Media Network in the USA. Step into You Brilliance is now available to buy as a book, or can be downloaded as an audiobook.

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