Seven Nights of Snuggles
Clare C-Saunders

About the author

Clare C-Saunders has spent much of her career involved in creating theatre that children will love. After obtaining her BA degree at East 15 Acting School, she worked in London’s West End as the lead actress in an award-winning children’s theatre company. This gave her the opportunity to meet children after shows, in character, and learn about their favourite parts of the performance. Her next endeavour was pantomime party shows, which she wrote as director of a children’s entertainment business. These shows were interactive, designed to have the children running around and engaging with the character. C-Saunders is a mother, and Seven Nights of Snuggles was inspired by her children. She lives in the Derbyshire countryside in England.

About Rose (Clare’s 10 year old daughter who illustrated Seven Nights of Snuggles)

Rose is my 10 year old daughter.She is educated at a Rudolf Steiner School where the emphasis in the kindergarten years is on out door play and learning through play with an unhurried approach to education and bringing out the individual strenghts of each child with no exams or home work! This is extremly important to me as a parent as I feel the state system we have now puts too much pressure on young children to gain good exam results and does not concentrate on them having what every human being is entitled to, or should be, a childhood! Rose did not fit into the state school education, she demonstrated this through her sad faces on her art work, when we changed her school the magic in her art work appeared! Every face went from desperatly sad to smiling, reflecting how she felt inside. The Steiner school values her individuality as an artist and nutures her abilitys. Now Rose is a very happy and confident little girl who spends every minute she can with her drawing pad and pencils in her hands, I have even caught her drawing in the bathroom instead of getting ready for school and she spends most nights falling asleep with her pad and pencils next to her on her pillow!

About the book

When Wiley Cat tricks Bertie Mouse into a dangerous situation, his family is there to save the day.

Princess Rose’s parents are worried she might be too clumsy to pass exams, but the palace optician has an idea.

“Bertie Mouse and Wiley Cat” and “The Princess Fairy’s Spectacular Spectacles” are two of these seven stories, intended for children aged three to seven. Each of these short and engaging bedtime stories presents an interesting character and a unique message. Orange Monkey learns that we should celebrate our differences, and Henry in “The Kindness Cake” experiences what it’s like when acts of kindness all add up. Other stories feature a giant sunflower grown by a boy who loves playing outdoors, a beautiful butterfly that emerges from an ugly chrysalis, and a fun cockney rhyming poem in which a beloved Newfoundland pup gets into some trouble.

Inspired by the author’s own children, these cheerful stories can easily add consistency to a bedtime routine. Their messages range from self-empowerment to the value of outdoor play, and the main characters are all types of people and creatures. Snuggle up for heartfelt family time with these positive tales—one for each night of the week.


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