Reckoning Day
A Jennifer Long Series Novella
by J.J. Carter
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Investigative Reporter, Jennifer Long, stumbles onto a high-level corruption scheme among three local corporations. They are attempting to find a gateway portal between our world and the supernatural-paranormal, and killing Mediums in the process who don’t comply. While she is left for dead and unsure if her family is alive, she seeks the help of a new team, the SPA (supernatural paranormal agency), to expose this deadly truth before it’s too late and the world is run over by supernatural-paranormal forces that could be uncontrollable. This story is a novella, not a novel. It is approximately 31, 355 words. The story finishes with NO cliff hanger. It is action packed with mystery, romance, thrills, and the paranormal!
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Chapter 3
November 29, 2010

Having missed Thanksgiving, Jen hated the Holidays even more now. She just wanted to fast forward everything. But she knew her mother wouldn’t want that.

Nothing like spending Thanksgiving in the hospital. She was kind of glad though cause the Holidays now just sucked even more.

They had her mother’s funeral shortly after her five day hospital stay. Her Grandmother Rose agreed to this and knew Jen wanted to be there. She had grown closer to her Grandmother more now than ever.

She had also been seeing her regular therapist once again, June Haven. And June suggested a service dog to help her cope with her new depression and anxiety. But Jen felt she didn’t need no damn service dog. She didn’t want to have a life like that.

However, June wrote her the letter anyway.

But Jen never acted on it. She felt she didn’t need this dog to do the things she could normally do. June knew she could force the issue but also knew Jen was strong and was able to possibly beat this.

As she sat in her home office in the back bedroom of her home she lived in with Brian, her phone rang. She saved Del’s number from when she first met him and his team. She smiled and hoped he’d have some news for her.

“Hey Del,” she smiled.

“Hey Jen, how are you holding up?”

“I’m okay. Whatcha got for me?”

“Well, I’d like to come and meet with you once more if I could.”

“You have something?”

“Yeah. Is your mother’s house still in your family by chance?”

“No. It’s been sold.”

“I understand. Look, can we meet?”

“Why do you want to meet?”

“Well, I have a proposition for you.”


“Yeah. I’ve been reading your articles on KCI Corporation and your thoughts about how the supernatural-paranormal don’t exist.”

“Oh, you read my column in the Shelby Times? How did you find out about my blog?”

“Your keywords led me to it. I just put two and two together and believe that this Natasha Longmere was you. Am I right?”

“Yup. Damn you’re good.”

“I’ve become a big fan. Look, I think we can work together on this.”

“I’m quite happy at the Shelby Times Del. Plus I get good dollars from that blog you mentioned.”

“So, I can’t meet with you? I’d love to see you and talk more about this. I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for almost three months now.”


“Yeah. Where you been?”

“Well, long story. I sort of went into lockdown mode once all that went down.”

“I get that. You were tight with your mom huh?”

“Yes I was.”

“I’m so sorry. Can we still meet? At least hear what I have to say?”

“Okay, you can come to my home.”

“Oh, cool. Okay text me your address.”

“I will. See you soon?”

“Yeah, in a bit.”

“Thanks Del.”


Jen smiled. Perhaps he had more than what he was leading on with? She sure hoped he did. She continued doing her research into KCI. She knew her mother was James Roberts’ secretary. But what else did she know?

She took a break and went to the living room for a bit. Brian wasn’t home yet.

He’d been putting in extra hours at Thomas Realty because he wanted to retire before he turned fortyish. She agreed. She grabbed some cheese from the fridge and got the box of club crackers from the top of the fridge and put out a plate for her and Del. As she finished cutting the cheese, she turned around to the island in the center of their maple wood kitchen and her eyes widened. She about fell over and the plate of cheese and crackers almost tumbled to the floor.

“Mom!? What the actual fuck? How is this possible? What are you doing here?”

Jen questioned.

She squinted her eyes. She closed them and rubbed them. Every time she opened them, her mother’s ghost was standing there before her. She took off her glasses even and shook her head. When she put the glasses back on, her mother was still there.

“How, how is this possible?” Jen demanded.

‘Your brush with death Jen. Is it true, you really want to die?’ her mom questioned.

“Well, that was before. How am I talking to you?”

‘You have the gift. You’ve always had the gift. I need to tell you something.’

“Look, I’m having company over.”

‘I know. I know Del is a good guy. I’ve been communicating with them through Chris Thompson. You need to take this job Jen.’

“What, how is this possible? I just, I don’t know what to think!”

‘Listen to me. I was killed because I found out the truth of what they were really doing!’

“Wait what, you’re a Medium?”

‘Yes. I’ve always been, just like you.’

“No! I’m no Medium!”

‘Yes you are. You can talk to and see me. But Jen, KCI, Thomas Realty, and the Shelby Times have been evading taxes for years to pour that money in their research with Siondome.’

“I really don’t believe this. Wait, what? You mean my boss and Brian’s boss are both in on this?”

‘Yes. Do you have my trunk?’

“I do.”

‘Go through it. I was more than James’ secretary.’


‘I also kept his books and did other things. I was in charge of recruiting Mediums.

But I didn’t know what was going on until it was too late.’

“What where they doing mom?”

‘They were torturing and killing Mediums. I didn’t catch on to it until the day before your birthday. I was going to go to Zander with this but I needed proof.’

“Did you get it?”

‘I got some. In my journal in the trunk, I documented it. I also have some photographs. And Jen, they are all connected to a big crime boss in Russia.’

“Who mom?”

‘Mikael Veriskoff.’

“I know him. He’s a very popular and well respected business man.”

‘Exactly but he’s dirty too. Jen, you need to hook up with Del. Trust me on this.

This hook up will answer all your questions.’

“Were you really in Japan three months ago?”

‘No. I was undercover in Russia.’

“That slime, is that what you were working on?”

‘Yes. I brought it back for James. But I tried to get out Jen, I really did.’

“What do you mean?”

‘When I was undercover, I found out exactly what they were doing. And when I came back, I told James I wanted out. But he threatened me if I did.’

“Did you have sex with him?”

‘Jen, that has nothing to with this!’

“Did you?”

‘Only because he was blackmailing me.’

“How was he blackmailing you?”

‘I wanted out before I went to Russia. He told me he needed me.’

“What dirt did he have on you?”

‘He discovered I was a Medium and if I didn’t do what he said, he’d have me locked up for being crazy.’

“Holy shit! What a fucking douchebag!”


“So why hasn’t he come after me?”

‘He doesn’t know you have the gift yet. You’re safe for now. Don’t let it be known you’re a Medium. If you do, he’ll come after you for sure!’

“Why, why is KCI killing Mediums mom?”

‘They believe the Mediums will stop their plan of searching for a permanent portal that will bring the evil paranormal-supernatural here. If they do find one Jen,

there would be nothing to stop them. You have to help the Mediums. They are our only hope to survive.’

“Me, no. I don’t want any part of this!”

‘Jen, trust me. You have the ability to protect them, if you join the SPA. This is your true destiny.’

“No! I just want to live my life with Brian!”

‘I’m sorry Jen. But you can truly save the entire universe. Trust me. I love you.’

“I love you mom.”

She didn’t want to believe any of this. Her life had already been planned out without her having a say so? No. There had to be some way out of this.

Jen went to her office. She went to her laptop and went on the Deep Web. She researched and cross referenced KCI with Mikael Veriskoff. She had a bit more info now thanks to her mother’s ghost. There was still no explanation for her that would make her realize the truth of all this. The doorbell rang. She ran through the home and knew it was Del. She let him and they met in the kitchen.

“So Jen, nice place you have. This a three bedroom ranch?” Del asked.

“Yeah. My hubby and I have had it for over six years now.”

“So, I’ve been researching that slime. Actually it’s not slime.”

“Oh, why couldn’t you say this over the phone?”

“I figured it was sensitive. Look Jen, we could really use you on this.”

“Me, why?”

“Well, you already have experience with it. Thanks to you, we have this lead. I can’t believe they sold your mother’s house already!”


“Even with it being haunted?”

“I don’t think it was haunted. It might have just been from that slime or whatever it is you think it is.”

“It’s dirt from an unconsecrated cemetery. Like from someone cremated.”

“What does that mean?”

“That means not holy. Look Jen, I think you’re connected to this somehow.”

“You think?”

“Yes. Well, not only just your mother but something else. And this dirt came from a body cremated. It’s hard to explain. I tracked it down to Russia.”


“Yes. Do you have any relatives there?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

Jen checked around the kitchen for her mother. But Rene’s ghost was gone. She left or perhaps went somewhere else?

“What is it?” Del asked.

“Well, tell no one of this, I can trust you, right?”

“Of course.”

“You’re good friends with Zander right?”


“Well, tonight, I just learned I’m a Medium. So yeah, I’m for sure connected.”

“Oh, well, we can for sure use you!”

“I can’t leave my job. I have a lot of readers. I love it.”

“Jen, we could use another Medium.”

“I heard your coworker, Chris Thompson is one. Did she ever mention that she talked to a Rene McKenzie?”

“As a matter of fact, yes. That’s why I’ve been trying to call you. Jen, you have to join us!”

“I don’t know. My mom said I should too but I can’t just up and quit. I’ve got too much invested.”

“I get that.”

“And I’m not into that supernatural-paranormal.”

“But your blog? Your mother, you still don’t believe?”

“Nope. I find it hard to. If you can’t produce a person who killed my mother, then I’d like you to leave!”

“But Jen -”

“Please, I just can’t do this right now!”

“Very well. I’ll see if I can produce a person for you. I know this was shot out of some kind of weapon. I’m still working on that. I’ll be in touch.”

Del left with the substance in his hand. Jen shook her head. She knew her mother would be upset with her. But Jen had to figure this out. Now she could talk to ghosts?

Why now? Just because she had a slight brush with death made her a Medium? She needed more info. There had to be some place that knew more about this stuff.

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JJ Carter (also known as C.A. Michaels) is a lifelong resident of Michigan and currently lives in South Eastern Michigan with her husband whom she calls Superman. She began writing and drawing stories in the sixth grade. She’s since then tried many different things, music, having a Rock N Roll band in the early nineties, and learning graphic design since 1999. She typed her first manuscript back in 2010. However that will never see the light of day.
It was when she got great feedback from a helpful agent, she became passionate about writing once again. She took that former manuscript and turned into the first of the Pathfinders series. She is always on her laptop listening to Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal and yes even some Country while she creates new exciting worlds. She does love to take breaks every now and then to visit her friends, hang out, play cards, games, enjoying hot summer nights by a bonfire with a beer, and even do a little Karaoke. e better.
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