Lavinia Urban had a vision to write this series, yet her life was taken from her all too soon after a heart-wrenching battle with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Aside from her family’s welfare, her last wish was for her friends to continue these stories about The Seven Deadly Sins. With her husband’s well wishes, seven authors banded together to bring Lavinia Urban’s Seven Deadly Sins Series to her fans and readers everywhere. All proceeds will go to Lavinia’s loving husband and adorable children. May she rest in peace with the knowledge we will never forget her.

Pride, book two of the Seven Deadly Sins series releases today. It’s a wild ride that follows Hunter as he tries to rebuild his life following his exclusion from the motorcycle club he’s been a part of for years and Savannah, the quintessential good girl, who falls for the tattooed stranger that swoops in like an avenging angel to save her.

The series was masterminded by the indomitable Lavinia Urban, but sadly she never got to see these stories become reality as she lost her battle with cancer earlier this year. All proceeds from the sales of the Seven Deadly Sins series will be going to her family, so pick up your copy of Pride today and let’s give Lavinia a legacy that we can all be proud of.

There were three things Hunter Sinclair cared about: his club, his Harley and his family.

Being the poster boy for the Atlanta Angels didn’t last long and soon Hunter was forced to flee to Florida with a shattered family and broken dreams.

On the outside Savannah Simmons has it all: good grades, the perfect family and amazing friends, but appearances can be deceptive. Beneath the surface things are far from perfect.

She was everything he craved but he knew she could never be his for fear that his past would destroy her.

Could Hunter swallow his pride and admit how much he wanted her or would the repercussions from his past tear them apart?



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