He’s alive. 

The last thing Olivia Ashwood expects is to see her dead husband walk through her door, months after she buried him. But there he is. In her kitchen, in her bed, playing with her dog. Her greatest, most desperate wish has come true – and she’s absolutely furious about it. Nothing, not even the attentions of the man who knows her body and soul better than she knows herself can tame the rage burning inside her.

And if Kevin can’t teach her to trust again, not just him but their entire Hill City family, her fire may just become an inferno that burns everything she’s ever loved to ash.

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“Yeah, Precious, it’s me.”

“You’re real. You’re really real! You’re here with me and not some cruel joke my brain is conjuring up.”

“Did that happen a lot?”

“At first. I would see you walking down the street or at the grocery store. But you’re real.”

About the Author

Rachel Blake has been writing since high school, but truthfully never thought it would go any further than a few short stories hidden deep within my laptop. It wasn’t until her family moved away from everything she knew that she started writing stuff worth sharing. Now, her husband, three kids, and their plethora of animals live in the Midwest. When she is not running around like your stereotypical soccer mom (sans the minivan) she is writing the type of stories she has always secretly treasured. Love stories with a sexy alpha male and a strong submissive female.

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