About No Way Out

What would you do if you woke up in a strange room, strapped to a bed?

This is exactly the predicament Daniel Rose finds himself in.

He is soon introduced to a beautiful, intimidating woman who calls herself the Queen Bee, and refers to Danny as one of her workers. But what exactly does that mean and what does she want with him?

Meanwhile, Detective Constable Nasreen Maqsood gets assigned to Danny’s missing persons case, and not only does she want to crack it so she can prove to her male superiors that she’s right for the job; she also wants to find Danny as they used to be old school friends.

Still trapped, Danny realises there are other bees in the bunker, new ones and ones that are coming to the end of their usefulness. What happens to a bee that is taken to C Wing? What happens when your time is up?

Nasreen has no idea what she’s up against and for Daniel, the clock is ticking…

No Way Out is a gritty and completely gripping crime thriller which will appeal to fans of authors like M.W. Craven, JD Kirk and Charlie Gallagher.


“This is the 16th book I have read this year and this is easily the best. I have read some very established authors but this book blows them all away! The fast pace, exciting, shocking and sometimes upsetting (you will know when you read it) plot was a real read in one go book. I enjoyed this very much indeed and hope there is a follow up. One of my most favourite films was “Hostel” written and directed by Eli Roth and I would love to see this book made into a film which would be as good as that film. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did and highly recommend it.”


“This book has everything – murder and mayhem, drugs, people trafficking, sex-slaves – good guys and lots of baddies. Brockwell does a brilliant job of weaving all the various strands into a great story. Some wonderful characterisations – loved poor Daniel Rose and the uber nasty Beattie. DC Nasreen Maqsood is brilliant. I’d want her on my side! Eagerly looking forward to the next in what looks to become a gripping series.”

Author Bio:

D.C. Brockwell is a full time dental technician from Burgess Hill, West Sussex, an avid gardener and part-time mixologist, meaning he loves mixing cocktails of an evening for his wife, Beks.

He writes crime thrillers, horrors and romantic dramas.

His first book, The Southern Belles was self-published in July 2019, and has received positive feedback.

Since then, he signed a 3 book deal with Bloodhound Books for his Nasreen Maqsood series, the first of which was released on Wednesday 8th July 2020, called No Way Out. Subsequent instalments, Bird of Prey and Bad Blood will be released on September 1st and November 9th respectively. On January 4th, his birthday, and the day the story starts on, Mr Invisible will be released by Bloodhound, and will be his first standalone novel.



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