When DI Tessa Marsden is called to a road traffic accident, she is disturbed by the crime scene she must investigate. She now has a double murder to contend with; two dead girls from the same village.

Realising the murders aren’t linked, Marsden summons the help of the Connection Investigation Agency, run by Kat, a church Deacon, Beth, (known affectionately as Mouse), a computer expert, and Doris, Beth’s feisty grandmother.

When it is discovered that one of the murdered girls was pregnant the case takes an unexpected turn.

Can DI Marsden, with the input of Kat and Mouse, solve the case before another body appears?

Meanwhile, the agency has been asked to track down the long lost son of Ewan Barker. Will Kat, Mouse and Doris find him and reunite him with his father?

This might just be their toughest investigation yet…


My Review

To say I was impatient waiting for book 3 to be sent, is an understatement.  I am a big fan of Anita Waller and so thankful to have her books on my Kindle.

I love the chemistry between Kat, Mouse and Doris, and just when I thought this book series couldn’t get any better, book 3 hits my kindle and I love it.

Murder Unearthed is full of twists and turns and there was no way I knew who the culprit was and I loved it.

If you like good ‘whodunit’ stories, then you need the books by Anita Waller.

This is an easy


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