***Coming soon***

Mended Hearts
May Gordon
Releasing early May

“In search of the truth regarding her mother’s disappearance over twenty years ago, Grace heads to a town that could hold the answers she seeks. Along the way, she finds herself stranded when her car breaks down and calls the only local garage for a tow. When help arrives, she comes face to face with a massive, rugged beast of a man named Grant.

When a freak accident leaves Grace with no memory, Grant does the only thing he can think of to keep her close; he tells her she’s his wife.

With their marriage starting off on a lie, and the mystery of her mother’s fate becoming a source of danger for them both, will Grace finally discover the truth? Will Grant still have Grace’s heart when she regains her memory?

This book is a sweet, sexy, and safe read with a happily ever after guaranteed”




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