About Maison Angelique

A different man for each day of the week.

Angela was in survival mode when her husband deserted her and their child. Angelique was the solution, providing discreet, sensual services to men of substance – one client for each day of the week. Of all her clients, it was Mr Thursday who lit up her day, inflaming desire with steamy intensity.

When a kidnap attempt on one of her clients endangers her family, evidence points to the perpetrator being someone close to her. The resulting chaos forces a change to her occupation and crystallises her dreams for the future.

Luke knew it was crazy to let a woman like Angelique get under his skin. This captivating woman established the rules, rules he could live by if that’s what it took. He would be there for her any day of the week. When circumstances changed dramatically, he was ready to establish some rules of his own.

Angela’s clients continue to impact on her life and her plans, but nobody pulls her strings – except for Mr Thursday. It is Angela whose favour he seeks, or only Angelique’s?

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Introducing Emily Hussey

Emily Hussey splits her time between work in Melbourne CBD and her home in Adelaide, South Australia. She has lived in several Australian cities, and spent a few years living in Alice Springs, the setting for the Red Centre series.

While there, she also obtained her private pilot’s licence, providing the technical background for the aviation scenes in the Red Centre Series.

Emily enjoys the short story format, and has been published in local anthologies. The genres range from crime to romance, with some contemporary fiction for good measure. Much of her writing takes place with a persistent black cat trying to sit on her lap.

She was a marriage celebrant for 24 years, and has married couples in many different locations, ranging from private gardens, to beaches to caves or rural locations. Many of her clients remain friends to this day.

The bottom drawer is always full of outlines for future projects. So many ideas, so little time.

Writing as Emily Hussey

The Red Heart‘, 2014, Eside Media Pty Ltd, Adelaide, South Australia

Published by Winsome Books

The Red Centre Series

The Red Heart 2018
Trust Your Heart 2018
HeartStrings 2019
Clear As A Bell 2019
Maison Angelique 2020

Social Media Links

Facebook : www.facebook.com/EmilyHusseyAuthor
Instagram : www.instagram.com/emilyhusseyauthor
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Em_Hussey
Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/Emily_Hussey


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