My guest today is author, Mike Wardle who is joining me today to tell us a little about himself and his book, A Time of Giants.

Welcome Mike, let’s start with you telling us a little about yourself.

Thank you for having me here. I was born in Brisbane Australia 37 years ago. Both my parents were school teachers who took on contracts in less than mainstream areas of the world when I was growing up.

As a result I have been lucky enough to call some extraordinary places home. I have lived in the Torres Strait Islands (situated between Australia and Papua New Guinea), rural Queensland, and Indonesia. I have also been able to travel to many other exotic and culturally diverse locales.

I believe the adventure of travel is what fuels my imagination. I currently live in Sydney and spend a lot of my time around Sydney harbour, where I enjoy watching the bustling and busy waters to inspire ideas.

How did you get into writing?

I think all authors both aspiring and established would have to put the love of reading high up in their reasons for writing. A few years ago I was reading a book (won’t say which one), and I wasn’t loving it completely. Other works from this author I have loved but not this one. I decided that I would start to write my own story so that I had control over the plot direction, character dialogue and of course, how the story ended. When I started, I had no real idea of how much I would love it. The research, the character development and the ability to turn daydreaming sequences into words on a page. I realised that I had found something I really loved and enjoyed.

Please tell me about your new book, A Time of Giants

A Time of Giants is my first novel. Historical fiction / historical adventure romance.

I have always loved stories and movies set in the 17th – 19th centuries during the establishment of the new worlds. Not sure if I would want to necessarily live in that era… you have to be tough to say the least.

A time of Giants (book one)

In the mid-1700s, England, news of a great fortune, thought to be lost at sea, is now rumoured to be hidden deep within the Brazilian mountains.On the Stevenson Estate, Caleb, a poor, young orphan working as a stable boy, struggles with his position of poverty and is desperate for the chance to break free from his life of hopelessness.

During a secret tryst, Caleb is discovered fraternizing with Sasha, the eldest daughter of Jacob Stevenson, the owner of the Stevenson Transport empire. Outraged, Jacob orders Caleb to be banished to work the remainder of his days on the Atlantic trade routes.

Across the Atlantic in the wild and lawless harbour of Rio de Janeiro, Simon Blake, a trusted Stevenson Transport employee has been given the order to seek out and guard the fortune on behalf of the company.

Meanwhile, secret whispers of this rumoured treasure have drifted across the Atlantic, reaching the ears of an outlawed and vicious slaving crew, led by a violent and ambitious tyrant.

And so, it begins. The race to uncover the great fortune and stake claim over an emerging “new world” in the form of the South American continent.Those with power will murder to maintain control, as those who seek power will fight for revolution and change. Caleb, now thrown into a world of fiery chaos, must navigate much more than the Atlantic swells if he is to survive and ever hope to see Sasha again.

Do you base your characters on people you know or strangers you see in the streets?

Not really sure how the characters come to mind. From a collation of many different avenues I suspect. I can say that none of the characters in A Time of Giants are derived from anyone I know.

Lastly, Where does your writing career go from here?

Currently working on the second book in the series. Hoping to have it in editing stage before the end of the year.

I would hope that this series could turn into a saga, focusing on the key families in book one and their linage, spanning across generations and historical events.

I have also just completed the synopsis for a more contemporary (fiction), novel that has a historical back story derived from the time during Australian gold rush.

Thank you Mike, we all wish you good luck with your new book and with your future ones.

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