Today my guest is author Joanne Patterson, who’s book, Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream is now on audible, narrated by Jessie B who will be my guest later today. Please help me to make Joanne feel welcome.
Welcome Joanne, please can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am a single retired woman who has had a remarkable life. My full time career for many years was working for a big airline in many capacities. I still miss those days. Today I enjoy my dogs and my friends and family. I love country music and try to go to live concerts whenever I can.
What made you write Rebecca Steele Chasing a Dream?
Rebecca was written almost 50 years ago. The typewritten manuscript was hidden in a closet until a short time ago. An editor friend and I decided to drag it out and see if something could be done with it.
So we decided the story was good and if it was edited it might be okay. We ended up rewriting and extending the story bringing it up into the present time. Becky was reborn.
Have you ever experienced writer’s block?
I’m in the middle of writers block now as I’m trying to write a sequel. Am checking out audio dictation equipment to see if it would help. When we were writing the book, I worked on it every day for over a year.
Obviously part of the book is true so it was difficult revisiting some of it. It seemed like yesterday
How often do you write?
I haven’t written in about 6 months.
Lastly, what works best for you? Typewriter, computer, longhand or something else?
Believe it or not I wrote the whole book on an iPad with a stylus. Obviously I’m not going to do that again.
Thank you Joanne for taking time to be my guest and answering my questions, wishing you good luck with the audio.
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