About I Married An Alien Handyman

Sally’s boring world is turned upside down when she’s irresistibly drawn to a handyman’s ad. That faucet’s been broken for a year! What in this world would compel her call a handyman now, and on a Friday night? When he knocks at her door, she’s totally unprepared for the seven foot tall, ripped, steamy, and supremely seductive hunk of muscled man on her doorstep. By the end of the night, they’re thunderbolt-jolt in love.

Imagine her surprise when she learns her four best friends had similar adventures the same weekend. They compare notes and discover their new loves have way too much in common! What could possibly make Sally and her besties willing to leave their homes and go with their new loves? How can they allow themselves to blindly obey the laws and customs of their new home? And what will happen if they don’t?

Join Sally and her besties on this funny, steamy adventure into a world so like their own – yet unlike it in those ways! You’ll be glad you took the trip!


Released Date: 7th November 2019
Pre Order on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2nzvXVH
Email Nora directly at NoraNolan.books@gmail.com
Website: noranolanbooks.com

About the Author

Nora Nolan is one of my pen names. It’s nice to meet you! I came to writing a bit late in life but have always wanted to do it. I’d find myself reading a book and think, “Wow, that passage was great, but I wish it had {fill in the blank}.” Then one day I was challenged by a book on time and life management to write down a goal I wanted to achieve within 12 months. I buckled down and followed the book’s instructions, and my first three manuscripts were completed within five months. And that five months included having a demanding day job for three months and time out for major surgery!

I love to read romance novels. I have a favorite type, though. They have fairly normal, sexy, fun, or kinky relationships that happen to have a woman who misbehaves occasionally and a hot alpha male who won’t put up with it and isn’t hesitant to put an end to it. That’s what I write! So if you like age play, really strong D/s lifestyles, or women in chains who beg to be caned, you might want to look for other authors.

I live in the southern central part of the US. My happier days find me with our grandchildren (yes, with their parents, too, but you know how it is about grandkids), spending time with my wonderful alpha husband (of course!) and family.

My newest joy, though, is sitting at the keyboard, letting the characters in my head write their stories. They often lead me in directions that surprise me. I never know when I start out what direction they’ll take or where they’ll end up!

Excerpt taken from I Married an Alien Handyman

“I have everything in my truck to do the repairs, leftover from another job. I even have some white outdoor paint and a lock. I might be able to get all the work done without even having to go to Home Depot.” He flashed that gorgeous smile again and she blushed a little.

She also smiled, a big happy smile, and she thought she might have seen something in him spark; it seemed like he brightened when he saw her smile. “Mark, I can’t thank you enough for all this. I mean, talk about going over and beyond! I can’t believe you got Alan out of here for me. You saved me, you know.”

“Oh yeah, about that,” he said as a mischievous gleam in his blue eyes nicely complimented the mischievous smirk on his lips. “In some cultures, you’d belong to me now.”

“In some cultures, huh?”

“Yes. In mine, for example.”

“You have a culture that’s different from mine?”

“Oh, absolutely!” He chuckled. “I saved you, so you have to marry me now.”

Oh, if you only knew how much I could want that. Rescue me! Take me away! Let me look at your mountainous hunky hotness for the rest of my days. I’ll have your babies. We’ll live happily ever after. My knight in a shining tool belt.

“Marriage? It’s a little soon, isn’t it?” It wasn’t what she thought, but it seemed like the appropriate thing to say.

“I’m not one to thumb my nose at cultural mandates. It might even be law, I’ll have to check. If it’s not, I’ll make it law.”

She grinned. “Really? You make the laws?”

“Sure. I’m the chieftain of my tribe. What I say goes.”

“And everyone obeys? They abide by your rules?”

“Of course they do. You will, too.”

She burst out laughing. My knight in a shining tool belt with a good sense of humor. Jackpot!



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