Home Alone in the Multiverse
by William C. Dell
Genre: Speculative Nonfiction
One day, looking at my beer bottle the label said: “Don’t Forget You’re Here Forever.” This book is about how that can be. We are in a multiverse of island universes floating in a boundless field. I am proposing that every single thing – large and small, animate or inanimate – is a separate universe, all strung together, alone, in an eternal multiverse. As a universe, you are here forever.
William C. Dell is Professor Emeritus of Humanities, Montclair State University, New Jersey. His published works include metaphysics, poetry, inter-disciplinary studies, and literary criticism.

Every child cries for its mother in the dark. She is light and life. In the night sky, nevertheless, what matters most is the darkness between stars. It is a massive emptiness, a vacuum which accumulates energy inflating and containing universes all around us. We are light made in darkness. Confronted with this enormity, perhaps we call out for our mothers and fathers: The Gods.

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