Goshen: A Memoir
by Jordan Gerdes
Genre: YA Fiction Memoir
Goshen is a collection that chronicles a battle with depression, heartbreak, and moving forward.
Written first as a collection of notes in a phone, this became the only thing that kept me alive over those few years. It is my hope that you find hope within these pages, a kindred spirit, solidarity, and know that you are not alone.
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He was surrounded by people waiting in the falling snow, all hoping to escape whatever version of Christmas they had dealt with that day. That’s when he saw her. He could feel his heartbeat in his palms. Throbbing. His lungs were tight. His eyes were dead. His voice was sad. It was cold outside. But that’s not why his hands shook.

They had sat a few desks apart during his senior year. She was cute. He was too much of an asshole for his own good.  And that was that. They rekindled their friendship one holiday break while she was back from school. And subsequently jumped into an ill-advised-long-distance-not-so-relationship.

No labels. No terms or conditions. It was just a friendship that seemed to mean something more. At least to him. She would call and ask him questions about his day and he would help her with her problems. It wasn’t much but it worked for him. And one day, it just didn’t work for her.

It had been months since they had talked. They had played the follow/unfollow game on social media only to follow each other again a few weeks down the road just to check in, mostly fueled by his jealousy and a few well whiskeys. She had made sense to him.

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Jordan Gerdes is an English teacher in Central Oregon, where he lives with his fiancée, Justy and their two goldendoodles, Huck and Finn. He is the owner and editor of Features of Fright, a horror website focused on genre analysis. He is currently working on a collection of short horror stories.
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