Would you risk everything?

Carla Andrews and Lorraine West are work colleagues and best friends. They socialise together, they work in the same bookmakers and they support each other as only best friends can.

Then they are murdered together.

When DI Tom Fowler is handed the case, he discovers a journal that Carla has left and must unpick the secrets Lorraine has kept hidden.

Soon Carla’s and Lorraine’s husbands become the main suspects. It’s usually the spouse who is responsible, isn’t it?

The investigation progresses until Isaac West, Lorraine’s sixteen-year-old son, disappears.

Will the truth ever emerge?
Will Isaac ever be found?
And is knowing the truth always worth the sacrifice?

Anita Waller is the internationally bestselling author of multiple thrillers including; 34 Days, The Kat and Mouse Series and the co-authored Liars. Gamble is an unmissable psychological thriller which will appeal to fans of authors like C.L. Taylor, Fiona Barton and B A Paris.

My review of Gamble by Anita Waller

Another 5 star read from Anita Waller, Gamble was full of twists and turns throughout the book, lots of red herrings and wow what a twist at the end which I did not see coming.

I recommend that you read Gamble, not only is it well written but it will have you on the edge of your seat, this is another of Anita’s books that you will not want to put down.


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