A woman hiding from her past, but a part of her past is a man she is destined to marry.

The Prequel to the THIS LOVE Trilogy.

Catherine Brodie has a happy life in Brighton, she has friends, a secret boyfriend and studying for her law degree.

However, everything changes on her twentieth birthday.

She tells a lie to get out of a family dinner to celebrate the beginning of her twenties. The repercussions upend her secure and stable life.

Two weeks later, she attends the funeral of her brother and parents. Each birthday following sends Catherine into turmoil with more heartache and misery.

There are those that wish her harm.

Alexander Devlin was there the night of her birthday and by coincidence, he crosses paths with her every year. Catherine dismisses the coincidence, but her best friend Tara Adkins is convinced fate is throwing them together.

The prequel novel of the THIS LOVE trilogy, tells the story of Catherine Brodie and her struggle to come to terms with what she did that had far-reaching consequences.

It is an epic tale of love, passion, and revenge.



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