Ty Montgomery

Ty Montgomery, a cute and feisty blonde veterinary technician student goes to a party one fateful night with her friends. At the masked Halloween frat party, she meets a mysterious hazel-eyed stranger that catches her in his arms, literally and who speaks fluent Italian. Sparks fly until the masked strangers’ friend shows up and cuts their time short. Ty is humiliated to learn the intriguing guy has a date with another woman when he’d been kissing her.

Four years later, she meets the same mystery man at of all places her parents masked Halloween party. They discover each other again and nothing has changed. The passion and magnetic pull ignite into an all-consuming love affair until a stranger threatens to take it all away.

Devon Wallis

Dev Wallis, is hanging out at a frat party with his buddy bored out of his mind until a woman falls right into his arms. He is intrigued from the moment they meet. The blonde he calls Bella, is gorgeous and fits in his arms perfectly, like they’ve known each other forever. Dev can’t get over how drawn he is to this woman in the mask. He coaxes her outside and she willingly comes with him. Once he kisses her, there is no going back. She has ruined him for anyone else.

One fateful night, they reunite in a similar party, but destiny has other plans for them.

A tale of connection, love, intrigue and life and death brings this love story full circle.

About the author

Trisha Harley McCarthy is a certified Life Coach and prolific romance author specializing in fantasy, paranormal and contemporary genres.

Loving history, Trisha was captivated by being introduced to historical romance then became enamored with contemporary romance novels. Coming across fan-fiction and falling in love with the concept, Trisha began writing stories about characters in her favorite movie, Bridget Jones’s Diary. After receiving several positive reviews, she caught the writing bug and published her first standalone novel, Just As He Is, A Romance in 2012 followed by the Astral Realm Series, Written Among the Stars and sequel Beneath the stars released in 2014.

In 2015, release of Dimensions, a paranormal romance novel featuring other world encounters takes the readers on a fantastic journey of ordinary collides with extraordinary. Also, in a new direction, Trisha also wrote Indescribably Blue. a fictional account based on Elvis Presley’s death hoax conspiracy.

On a personal note, Trisha resides in Independence, Oregon with her husband Michael and their rescued chocolate lab, Elle. In her spare time, Trisha loves spending time on social media, traveling and reading her favorite authors!

Visit her Facebook page at: Facebook Author Page





Ty – 4 years ago

I laid on my back and stared at the cinder block wall of my dorm room littered with posters of Colin Firth. It was my Jane Austen phase. I couldn’t get enough of it. I watched every Netflix movie, read every book, and all the A&E miniseries relating to Jane featuring Colin. I was in my second year at Portland Community College finishing up my vet tech program, and  Jane created a perfect diversion for me.

I’m waiting on my best friend Kenda Jones to arrive from Sacramento and spend the weekend with me. We’re supposed to head over to Sigma Chi at Portland State and meet up with our mutual friend Patrick Reid for a costume party to celebrate Halloween. It’s one of the most exclusive parties on campus, and I didn’t want to miss the chance to blow off some steam before midterms. Plus, I wanted to get a look at Patrick’s new flame Lauren. It’s all he could talk about. I really envied how happy he seemed.

My dating life had been non-existent since I enrolled in college. I just didn’t have the time to go to school and date, and intern at Cascadia Equine Clinic in my hometown of Granite Bay. In fact, that is where Patrick, Kenda and I all grew up together. But after high school, we all went our separate ways. Kenda went to Sacramento State for a degree in animal science, and Patrick went to UC Davis to become a midwife. A profession we ribbed him a lot about. I could never imagine my badass motorcycle friend as a midwife. Still hard to believe. Now both my friends were paired up with a significant other, Kenda and Dillon and now Patrick and Lauren. It made me feel lonely.

My phone pinged with a message. I swiped the screen and saw a message from Kenda.

Kenda: Just got off the plane. ETA thirty minutes.

Me: Can’t wait. You did bring a costume right?

Kenda: Yep.                                            

Me: I told Patrick we would meet him at nine tonight. 

Kenda: Fine by me. I can’t wait. Do you have a date? 

Me: No. Sore subject. Just found out Patrick now has a Lauren. 

 Kenda: OMG. Not Patrick! 

 Me: Afraid so. It seems I’m the only ugly duckling of the bunch. 

Kenda: Stop. You are beautiful and have a nice rack.

Me: LOL. Thanks. I’ll see you in a few.

Even when I felt down, Kenda could always make me smile despite my sudden moodiness and lack of a special someone.

Kenda: Love you.

Me: Love you too.

We rolled up in a cab in front of the old Victorian house just off campus. Loud thumping music blared loudly from inside the Sigma Chi fraternity. Tons of people in costumes milled outside laughing and drinking holding onto the prerequisite red cups overflowing with beer or whatever concoction they were serving inside.

Kenda adjusted her skin tight cat woman costume that showed off her long, leggy body. Unfortunately, she talked me into wearing a clinging bunny costume. It was vinyl and already giving me boob sweat. But after putting it on, I admitted it looked great on me and accentuated all my curves.  I added a black sequined mask that made my eyes sparkle and gave me an element of mystique. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be a complete loss. When we made our way up to the front entrance, we heard lots of catcalls and wolf whistles. It definitely boosted my ego.

“God, these guys are animals,” I whispered to Kenda as we went through the open door but I smiled inwardly.

“You’re rocking that bunny costume girl,” Kenda winked.

“I think so too,” I smiled.

“I think those whistles say it all,”

“So I should put my faith in drunken frat guys?” I teased Kenda.

“Only if they are cute,” Kenda countered.

I rolled my eyes at her.

As we wove our way through the cavernous house jammed packed with party goers, we made it to a makeshift bar, but not before a hand reached out and latched onto my bunny tail and pulled me abruptly backward. Since I was wearing heels, I stumbled into the middle of a group of guys. My body flailed then I staggered a bit hoping to god I would not do a face plant or worse, land right on my ass. Someone caught me before either of those things happened. He swept me up into his strong arms.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” A deep masculine voice asked.

I blinked rapidly adjusting my focus on the clearest pair of hazel eyes staring back at me from behind a black mask. A half smile curved a full mouth showing even white teeth. God, his smile rivaled his eyes. Both brilliant. To add to his other alluring traits was the sexy stubble on his square jaw. The guy had it going on. I stared at him like a shy school girl unable to say a thing. My pulse raced like fire shooting through my veins as the party faded away and it was just the two of us.

Breathless, I said, “I’m fine, thanks.”

“The pleasure is all mine, bella,” He said in a flawless Italian accent that rolled off his tongue effortlessly sending waves of goosebumps across my skin.


“It means beautiful.” He explained.

Funny I didn’t detect an accent. I wouldn’t mind if he spoke to me in Italian the rest of the night even if I didn’t understand a single word he said. He had me at bella.


“As much as I enjoy you in my arms, can I set you up right now?” Another smile graced his sensuous lips tinged with a bit of humor.

“Oh god, I’m sorry, of course.” Embarrassed, I flush bright red. He righted me with an arm still wrapped possessively around my waist until I regained my balance. I licked my lips nervously looking around for Kenda, but she’d been swallowed up by the crowd.

“Looking for someone?” The tall Masked Man asked. I gauged he was a least a foot taller than me. So I estimated him to be a least six foot three to my five foot two. He wore regular street clothes consisting of a tee shirt that outlined a well-defined chest and broad shoulders down to a tapered waist and muscular legs encased in a pair of classic Levi’s that hugged his perfect ass. My fingers itched to explore the hard body I knew was under his clothes.

“My friend, she’s disappeared.” I searched the immediate area and saw no sign of Kenda. Not that I am complaining being saved by a tall dark and handsome masked man. I’d bet a hundred dollars Kenda saw what happened with the guy and she left me in the care of my masked rescuer.

“I’ll help you find her Bella,”  He said softly against my ear and guided me through the crowd.

At one point, I noticed Patrick standing with a girl I knew must be Lauren. The dark-haired woman laughed at something he said in her ear, and she blushed. Oh great, Patrick’s in love and I have to be a third wheel. I didn’t want to intrude on him and his girlfriend, so I avoided seeking him out. It was a lame thing to do because Patrick was my friend, but I didn’t care at that point as the Masked Man held my hand firmly in his.

My escort led me out through the kitchen stocked piled with large kegs then outside to a large deck area. I willingly followed him to a secluded spot in the far corner near a large burbling fountain surrounded by two large potted palms. I should be alarmed being with a stranger in an isolated place but for whatever reason I trust him.

“Did you see your friend?”


“Does that mean I have you all to myself?”

A giddiness surged through me at his words. I decided to fling caution to the wind and take him up on his offer and follow his lead.

“It looks like it.” I try to give him my most seductive smile but fail miserably.

He gazes into my eyes and says, “You have the most kissable lips, and I’ve wanted to taste them ever since you fell into my arms,”

I quivered. No one had ever said anything so romantic to me. It was the complete opposite of my ex-boyfriend, Derrick Taylor who asked me if I wanted to fuck in the back of his truck. I needed to attract a better class of man.

I nodded my head yes. He sealed his lips over mine teasing and nipping lightly at my bottom lip then coaxed my lips apart and slid his tongue inside exploring mine. He tasted of mint and hard liquor. A heady combination. Another shockwave coursed throughout my body from a mere kiss. I couldn’t imagine what sex with this man would be like if just a kiss affected me so dramatically.

Masked Man drew me close to his hard firm body. He then trailed a string of kisses along my jaw to my earlobe and moved down to the base of my neck. I moaned from the onslaught of his tongue playing havoc on my senses weakening my knees and the ability to balance on my stilettos. I wrapped my arms around his neck for support and cupped his face so I could feel his mouth on mine again.  He was an expert at kissing, and no doubt had lots of practice with women falling at his feet. Lord knows I wanted to worship him at the sacred temple known as his lips.

His hands traveled up my spine branding everywhere he touched me. He brought me flush against him, and I could feel his cock pressed against my thigh. Every move the guy made sent my body to a new level of sensuality I’d never felt before.  At that moment if he told me to jump off a cliff I would’ve gladly obliged him.

A male voice interrupted us. I presumed it was his friend who I already hated because he invaded our private moment and the best kiss I’d ever received. Fucker.

“Hey D, I’ve been looking for you everywhere man. Shit, we’re late already. Come on dude, the girls are waiting for us.”

I stiffened in his arms and stepped away from Masked Man. I turned on my heel and tried to get away from my humiliation nearly giving myself to that asshole who obviously had other plans to hook up with someone else. I must have been just a diversion until the main event. Bastard. I just missed making a colossal mistake with him. What the hell was I thinking to make out with a virtual stranger who already had a date? That was the point, I wasn’t thinking.

“Don’t go,” Masked Man grabbed my arm to stop my escape.

“Let me go right this minute before I scream,” I warned.

“But I don’t even know your name?” Uncertainty filled his voice.

“That’s right you don’t. And you won’t so let go of me.” I snarled and snatched my hand away from his.

“D, we have to leave now come on man,” His friend persisted.

Masked Man let me go. I ran before he could catch up with me and before I could justify why my heart seemed to be shattering into a thousand pieces. I felt like half of my soul had been ripped away and couldn’t understand the connection I felt with him in such a short time. I wanted to flee and never look back. But the thing is, I did look again, and my worst fear came true. Masked Man was gone, and so was a tiny piece of my heart.


“What the hell man?” Gray huffed. “I was looking for you for over an hour. Those chicks are prime for hookups no questions asked.”

Yeah, I knew his definition of hookups, blonde, big tits and the less talking, the better.

Gray Forester, my best friend, a real ladies man, and asshole extraordinaire was pissed. We both played soccer for O of U in Eugene, and we’re in our final year of law school. A mutual buddy Patrick Reid invited us to this party to blow off some steam before finals.

At first, I wasn’t excited about making the three-hour trek to Portland, but when I laid eyes on the gorgeous girl who literally fell into my arms, I’d was stunned and quite taken with her. Something inside my chest constricted when I touched her. It made blood rush to all the essential parts of my anatomy. I wasn’t your garden variety player, but neither was I saint. Yet for some reason, I wanted to make a good impression. Up until Gray showed up, he blew my plans out of the water. He made me look like a grade A douche in front of her. And you know what? I couldn’t blame her. I did feel like a douche.

I groaned inwardly when I heard Gray run his goddamned mouth about those girls. I’d classify Gray as the Eddie Haskel type. Braggart and all show and little substance. He basically wanted to fuck his way through college and law school. I’m surprised his dick hasn’t fallen off from too much usage. Not that I kept track, of course.  The guy had two passions, women and bbq. He put that shit all over everything including some woman he’d hooked up with one night. Women couldn’t get enough

“Dude you get Darla, I get to have the pleasure of the lovely Daria.”

“Where’d you meet them?”

I didn’t want to speculate. Gray was a helluva persuasive man and would make a damn fine attorney one day. The ladies flocked to him like flies to honey. Gray had movie star good looks. He is tall, with wavy brown hair and mischievous shit brown eyes. Okay, maybe brown eyes but most of the time my friend was literally full of shit. It was a wonder I still kept him around as my friend.

“Doesn’t  matter? They are a sure thing.”

“I think I’ll pass tonight. I’m not in the mood.” My mind was still on the masked girl.  Her perfume lingered on my shirt making my dick twitch from her alluring scent a combination of vanilla and citrus.

“You’ve got to be kidding me D. Have you gone all soft on me or what? Damn.”

He had no idea soft wasn’t the word I would use to describe my current condition. Just thinking of her made me hard. Gray and I parted ways. As I headed back to the hotel, I thought of her sparkling eyes as they mocked me, and I knew it was going to a long night before I could get that image out of my mind.


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