Date Published: November 4th, 2019
Publisher: Clay Bridges
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It’s Time to Stand.
Faithfully Fervent takes you along the journey of how Christ resurrected a once-dead life inside and invigorated a radical fight for love and redemption. This journey is rooted in what it means to truly stand for Christ and His promises when faced with the most debilitating adversity. Faithfully Fervent takes you through a transformative process to equip you to stand firm as a child of God despite the world’s invitation to run.
This book empowers you:
To say yes to becoming a fierce warrior.
To run your race with endurance and chase the prize that is Christ.
To faithfully choose to become agape love because of how He loves.
To fight the battle and become victorious when, against all odds, the world pressures you to do otherwise.
Strip off all your pride. Deny self. Pick up your cross. Get ready to live free and do a mighty work to bring glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Your story serves a mighty purpose because God isn’t finished with you yet.
Come along on the journey to being Faithfully Fervent.
About the Author
Rhianna Marie Mitchell is a woman of God who is radically pursuing her mission to mirror God’s vision. She was born and raised in Texas and currently resides in Dallas. Rhianna is a pediatric registered nurse and is passionately following her calling into ministry. Her mission is to help bring hope and healing through her testimony.


Foxes are notorious for being sneaky. You know who else is? Satan. One by one, foxes sneak into our vineyards that are blooming with our mission, our ministry, and our blessings because we’re not keeping watch. If we’re not keeping watch, should we be surprised to look back at the destruction that happened before our very eyes?

That’s how the enemy works. He doesn’t always drop the big bombs on you but slowly creeps in until the cracks under your feet crumble the ground beneath you. That is especially true when you’re fighting fiercely for God’s king­dom. Think about it. If Satan already has you trapped in his lies and temptations, he doesn’t have to work that hard to keep you there; reality is, you aren’t much of a threat to him. Doing kingdom work, on the other hand, infuri­ates him and sets him on a mission to attempt to destroy God’s plan.

What I came to learn is that battles don’t become more powerful; you do. Scripture doesn’t say that at some point your troubles and battles in this world will stop because you are a believer. In fact, it promises that we will face them.

You become more powerful because you clothe yourself with armor. The enemy has a harder time trying to attack and defeat you when you have an added layer of protection surrounding you.

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