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Domesticated by Daddy


I have a bad reputation, and my antics have pushed my father to take drastic measures. If I don’t take a position as a live-in nanny for the assistant district attorney, then I’m going to be cut off from my trust fund, and escaping to college goes out the window.

After meeting Tyson, I no longer want to escape. Where my father failed to tame me, my Daddy knows just what I need to keep me in line—a firm hand and a gentle touch.


I knew it was a bad idea the minute I agreed to let her work for me, but nothing could have prepared me for the woman who knocked on my door. Serena is a Little Minx and completely unaware of what she wants or needs. From the second I laid eyes on her, I knew she needed a Daddy to fill her needs both in and out of bed.

I shouldn’t touch her, but I’m not strong enough to resist. I’m going to teach this party girl a lesson—one spanking at a time.

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