Death Marks
USA Today Best Selling Author Rowan Tudor

About the author

Rowan Tudor is an historical and modern-day horror author, who is greatly influenced by many authors, but particularly Dean Koontz (Watchers/The Key to Midnight) & Dennis Wheatley (To the Devil a Daughter/The Devil Rides Out).

She is better known as Katy Walters, the USA TODAY best-selling Author of Historical and Regency Suspense romance, Time Travel and the Paranormal, but wanted to move away from the romance and concentrate on the paranormal/horror that can now be found under the name of Rowan Tudor.  She has taken some of her previous titles and is in the process of re-releasing them with more horror than they had previously.

Katy’s characters are loved and followed by so many readers as they face life’s challenges. Often they are pitted against merciless foes, but this is where the leading characters courage shines through, often built up by an admirer or lover’s belief in their inner strength.  Rowan’s character’s – not so much so.

About the book

The detectives at Brighton Police Headquarters thought they had seen the worse of human depravity, but when two bodies are found, one decapitated and both eviscerated, they realise that they are just beginning to discover what humans are capable of.

 The detectives suspect a serial killer is on the loose but, with the support of American profiler Dr. Tessa Davies, they soon realise that this could be a group of killers, obsessed with ancient Druids.

 DCI Daniel Redd is getting over the brutal death of his wife and son, and tries his best to put this to the back of his mind so that he can give this case his full attention, but he can’t help seeing their faces in those of the victims.

 If you are looking for the next Miss Marple story – this isn’t for you.



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The book will be available on Amazon 19th January 2018, however, if anyone would like to get an advance copy in exchange for an honest review, please get in touch with Rowan’s PA, Sylv at [email protected] with a link to a couple of reviews that you have already written.




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