“Heather Wallace is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, writer, equestrian, and animal massage therapist.
Her first book, Equestrian Handbook of Excuses, was a 2017 Literary Selection for the Equus Film Festival. Her second book, Confessions of a Timid Rider, is an autobiography detailing Heather Wallace’s insights about being an anxiety-ridden but passionate equestrian. 
After returning to riding as a mother, she is determined to follow her dreams despite the fear she is somehow lacking in talent or ability. An in-depth look into the heart and head of a returning adult equestrian, this message is not limited only those  with horse experience. 
In fact, Confessions of a Timid Rider is the perfect book to read for anyone whom even for a moment questions their value in their designated profession or life choice. This book will inspire you to pursue your dreams despite the inner voice that says you aren’t good enough.

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“For a long time I let that fear get in my way. I always felt like I was missing something when I stepped away from horses during my teens.


I’ve come a long way since I took that first step back to horsemanship as an adult. When I say I am a timid rider, it is not because I am scared to ride. Oh no, it is because I am scared to fail. I am scared that I cannot live up to my own expectations. That my insecurities will hold me back. Or that I will let my anxiety be greater than my passion once again and step away, or worse, not try to be the person I want to be. My self doubt tries to hold me back but I refuse to give in.
These are the confessions of a timid rider.”
Top Ten List:
10 Fun Facts About Me

1.     I was born in California, lived a short while in Washington State and was raised primarily in New Jersey. I’m proud to be a Jersey Girl. I’m bold, sassy, and sometimes a little too unfiltered but in the very best of ways.
2.     I got my first tattoo at the age of 36. My husband thought I was crazy. Now I’ve added to my collection.
3.     I am an avid animal lover and have had a cat, dogs, and a pony! My dream would be to one day have a small farm.
4.     I am a certified animal massage therapist. My day job is helping horses and dogs with sports massage to find and treat muscle spasms and areas of inflammation.
5.     I am terrified of spiders. I love bats, will handle snakes, and have even spent time with rats. But show me a spider and I’ll run the other way. FAST.
6.     The first time I rode a horse independently I panicked and jumped off before I even started the ride.
7.     I love to travel and as of August will have been to four of the seven continents.
8.     I love food. I’ve never been on a diet because I am too much of a hedonist when it comes to food. While I’ll dine at the finest restaurants in the world, my go to comfort food is macaroni and cheese. Carbs don’t like me but I like them.
9.     I am more graceful on a horse than I am on the ground. I’m a huge clutz and have been known to walk into parking meters, doors, and slide down steps on a regular basis.


10.I read tarot cards. I’m not sure how good I am at it, but I have never been steered wrong yet! 


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