Chasing Wild Horses
Wild Horse Ranch Book 1
by Mila Nicks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
A slow-burn romance between two outsiders from opposite worlds:
He’s the biggest outcast in town…
Chase Collins has never met a horse he didn’t like. Too bad he can’t say the same for people. In his hometown Lutton, his poor reputation follows him like a dark shadow. It’s best for everyone if he sticks to where he belongs. At least on Wild Horse Ranch, he’s safe from judgment. Then one day a familiar face from 10 years ago shows up out of the blue.
She’s a wanderer who comes and goes…
Samara Grant is a nomad at heart. She doesn’t like staying put for too long. But when her Grandma Bunny passes away, she has to put her carefree lifestyle on hold to handle her affairs. She might have spent childhood summers in Lutton, Texas, but it’s no place to live. She wants to get in and out as fast as possible. Little does she know life has other plans.
Together, they form an unbreakable bond…
After a series of near-death experiences, Samara decides to take back control of her life. She asks Chase to teach her how to ride. Neither expect to find common ground—and a fiery attraction—when Chase agrees. But their blossoming relationship isn’t celebrated by everyone. The closer Chase and Samara get, the more an unforseen enemy seeks to tear them apart…

The kiss kept him up at night. For hours he lay in his bed and stared up at the dark ceiling. He couldn’t close his eyes. The second he did the image of them flashed behind his lids. It replayed for him like a movie on a projector screen. Only that it felt too real; it had been real.

The sensations enveloped him. The earthy musk of rain hung in the air. The wet soil squelched under their boots, clumps of dirt now muddied. Raindrops clung to their skin and dampened their clothes until the soaked fabric weighed them down. His usually wooden exterior washed away as if an act by the rain itself. He wiped his face and blinked against the falling droplets, and there she was. Right in front of him with breathless curiosity.

He still couldn’t say what it was that came over him. His critical mind pressed pause. His heart thwacked against his rib cage at full speed. His eyes were wide and open for what felt like the first time. Hers were on his face, pools of deep brown that he got lost in. Before he knew what he was doing, he reached for her. His fingers clamped around her arm and they orbited each other. The pull was inevitable. Those full, dusky pink lips of hers begging to be kissed…

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Mila Nicks is an emerging romance author on a mission to pen heartfelt love stories featuring women of color.
From the time she was a small girl with crayons and an overactive imagination, she’s had a passion for storytelling. In addition to receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, she is presently pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing. She has also served her country in the United States Air Force.
When she isn’t penning uplifting love stories, you can find this imaginative writer traveling across the globe, sampling new cuisines, or spending quality time with her spunky pet Chihuahua, Zayden.
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