The book is based on historical fact.

It is 1408, and Brother Bernard has been given his orders to wander through the cloisters and backstreets of Glastonbury, and to become the eyes and ears of the Archbishop of Canterbury. But what he learns, changes his life for ever. The Archbishop tells Bernard, ‘You are to examine the abbey’s dregs and find out what’s really going on, what demons are at work? Is it witchcraft or a simpler sin? You must discover the truth – what is infecting this once-magnificent house of God?’

Beth Webb is one of the authors that worked with Mar on writing this book.

Beth wanted to write since she was about 3, scribbling on paper and folding the ‘pages’ between bits of cardboard.

She studied Sociology and Psychology at university then became a hippy in a houseboat in Amsterdam, with a spell in a Bavarian castle.

Since then she’s been a journalist (which she wan’t good at), a radio broadcaster (which she loved), a cook, a cleaner and a mum to four amazing kids.

Beth wrote her first children’s book, ‘The Magic in the Pool of Making,’ to encourage her eldest son to want to read. The next thirteen titles followed slowly but surely, bringing dragons, talking cats and fire-wielding druid girls to the page.

She studied for her MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa, and subsequently has taught writing for the Open College of the Arts and the University of Lancaster ‘Crossing Borders’ project in Africa.

Beth teaches writing to children and young adults at Kilve Court Residential Education Centre in Somerset.

As well as writing, Beth is also a performance storyteller, working from Orkney to Cameroon, and has even braved Glastonbury to tell stories in the mud!

Beth also illustrates for Books Beyond Words – innovative publishing for adults with learning disabilities.

You can read more about Beth on and

My review

Before moving to Bridgwater, Somerset, we visited Glastonbury regularly either to shop in Street or to look at all the lovely shops that can be visited with some amazing smells. Not only that you have the fantastic scenery that surrounds Glastonbury Tor.

Knowing this book was about Glastonbury Abbey, I jumped at the chance to read.

I found Broken Angels – A Tale of Glastonbury Abbey to be beautifully written, and knowing a little about the history, brought it to life.

If you like history, then I recommend you read this, if you live locally to Glastonbury, then you definitely need to read.



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