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Here’s the fifth tale of the Old West in the spicy, fast-paced Big Rock Romance series.

Buck lost his wife to pneumonia and his father to murder, within a few short months of each other. When he decides to crawl out of his mourning, he stops by to visit his friend, Dr. Elliott Larkin, and is introduced to Callie Mae Weathers and her friend, Lilac Indigo Preston. Buck had no idea his life would change so drastically within four short days! When he hires the Snow Detective Agency to help find his father’s killer, Reed and Deacon Snow uncover information that could change all their lives.

Take a trip to Big Rock and enjoy humor, mystery, sweet love stories, heroes, villains, and a couple of women who obey their men some of the time. But, oh dear, when they don’t…

Although all the stories in this series are technically standalone, the author advises that you might enjoy this one more if you read the fourth book in the series first, Big Rock Rescue. Better yet, treat yourself to all five in the series. You’ll be glad you did!

Publisher’s Note: This humorous, action-filled, Western romance contains a theme of power exchange.

About Nora Nolan

Nora is fairly new to writing, with five books in the Big Rock Romance series for Blushing Books. The first, “Marriage by Mail”, was released Jun 6, 2019. The remaining volumes, “A Badge in Big Rock” (rel. July 2), “Deputy’s Dilemma”, and “Big Rock Rescue” (rel. December 9), round out the series. She was going to stop the series with that last one, but she finished working on the fifth one “Bedlam in Big Rock,” which is now live, and it’ll probably be the last one, unless she gets a crazy desire to go back!

She has a sci-fi complete with hot alpha aliens who are determined to get their earth gals – “I Married an Alien Handyman.” And it’s fun, she promises! She wasn’t sure if that will be a series, but is leaning that way.

She likes to write fun and interesting stories with witty dialog and believable (mostly) characters she hopes you’ll love, too. The heroes are hot and hunky, the heroines are feisty and sometimes pay the consequences for it. You can always count on a happily ever after.

She would love to hear from you.

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