Nora Nolan

She is fairly new to writing, with four (nearly five) books in the Big Rock Romance series for Blushing Books. The first, “Marriage by Mail”, was released Jun 6, 2019. The remaining volumes, “A Badge in Big Rock” (rel. July 2), “Deputy’s Dilemma”, and “Big Rock Rescue” (rel. December 9), round out the series. She was going to stop the series with that last one, but “Bedlam in Big Rock,” went live 5th May.

She has a sci-fi complete with hot alpha aliens who are determined to get their earth gals – “I Married an Alien Handyman.” And it’s fun, she promises! She wasn’t sure if that will be a series, but she is leaning that way.

She likes to write fun and interesting stories with witty dialog and believable (mostly) characters she hopes you’ll love, too. The heroes are hot and hunky, the heroines are feisty and sometimes pay the consequences for it. You can always count on a happily ever after.

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