I would like to introduce you to author Nadine Hunter and her book Cora’s Bumpy Path to Inner Happiness.

Cora’s Bumpy Path to Inner Happiness: Unforgettable Memoir Mirrors Struggle Millions of Women Face with Anxiety, Motherhood & Expectation

Nadine Hunter’s ‘Cora’s Bumpy Path to Inner Happiness’ takes readers deep inside the life and trials of heroine Cora, a middle-aged woman who has spent the latter part of her life in a tug of war between anxiety and a need to stay strong for her family. It’s a story laden with adversity, the struggles of love and mental health – while simultaneously painting a raw and powerful image of the strong modern woman. Fusing fact and fiction, Hunter crafts a truly memorable read.

United Kingdom, writer Nadine Hunter is most definitely cut from the same cloth as Cora, the powerful yet vulnerable lead character in her new novel, ‘Cora’s Bumpy Path to Inner Happiness’. But Hunter won’t say where the fine line between them is drawn.

This new novel is an ode to women everywhere, and true recognition of the mental health epidemic that forces many middle-aged women to fight against themselves and the expectation to stay strong for those around them. To show strength to their children. It’s the eternal struggle Hunter isn’t afraid to address head-on.

About Cora’s Bumpy Path to Inner Happiness

Cora is starting to question her longing for love and happiness and whether finding it is a realistic possibility anymore. Then she reluctantly accepts a dinner party invitation from her pushy neighbour, Jill. That evening changes the course of her life for ever in an almost unimaginable way. We live her anxieties, doubts and her sadness in dealing with the unexpected and dramatic events that unfold before her. We see her extraordinary strength but also her vulnerability which seeps out of her in a deeply human way. Once you meet Cora, you’ll never forget her.

 “Cora is in me, Cora is in women I know; explains the author, an Italian native who has lived in the UK for forty years. “I started writing the novel when I became ill 18 months ago and had to take time off work. It started as an autobiography, but very soon I pivoted to fiction so I could create a woman that represents so many, in today’s world of ever growing expectations, and embodies the hope we all carry through life. It’s a poignant story for sure, but an important one that we should all read.”

Continuing, “I think we all sit there awkwardly, silently, convincing ourselves we can cope – and hoping life will allow us to. I want to bring that dilemma out into the open so nobody feels alone, and every reader understands that what they’re experiencing is totally normal. This is our collective story, and I know for certain that Cora represents my own experiences in the world.”

Cora’s Bumpy Path to Inner Happiness’ from The Conrad Press, is available on amzn.to/2Sgv5lN.

About the Author

Nadine, who is Italian and lives in Cheshire, started writing the novel when she became ill about 18 months ago. A lot of time was spent in bed as her energies were very low and it was during this time, that she started reflecting on whether to write an autobiography.

She had left Italy in 1980 to spend a couple of years at school in the UK to improve her English and at the age of 54, she is still here. Over the last 40 years, she has lived in many different parts of Great Britain and has had an interesting life with many ups and downs as most people do.

As the first pages started to take shape, she suddenly had a change of heart. Nadine felt that writing about her own life wouldn’t allow her creativity to flow fully and then another factor started to weigh on her. Having suffered from anxiety for many years, mainly health related, she suddenly had this overwhelming wish to create a character who’s every day she could manage, who’s fate she could control.

A character, a woman, who Nadine could safely know would be fine, would be well and safe the next day. And the day after. She could create someone like her, but without the worry and suddenly this made her feel incredibly energised and even empowered. In a way that is difficult to explain and it fuelled her forward into Cora’s journey.

When one suffers with anxiety, the one thing one cannot know, is how you are going to feel later, tomorrow, the day after and the simplest answer is that one will feel the same or worse. Writing “Cora’s Bumpy Path to Inner Happiness”, helped Nadine Hunter cope with her own anxiety by giving her this control on Cora’s fate and became like a therapy for her.



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