About Lana Campbell

Lana Campbell is the author of the Forever and a Night vampire series.

The first book in her series Forever and a Night was published 4/16.

Dark Experiments the second book in her series came along 5/17.

Just recently she published book three, Deadly Secrets and there are more to come because she loves writing paranormal romance.

She lives in Avoca, AR with her husband, oldest daughter and a cat. She loves talking to fans.

You can find her on her Facebook Street Team page. www.facebook.com-Street-Team

Alabama Rain Book 5 in The Forever and a Night Series Vampire Romance Urban Psychological Thriller

Alabama Rain Holden’s life is a dreadful and dangerous one as a thief of drugs for her father, drug lord Ken Holden. Rain hates her life, but she’s damned good at what she does. As a vampire with an acute sense of smell, she can sniff out any drug as well as a blood hound, enchant the human mule with the goods to be sold and relieve him or her of the product without the person never remembering the encounter.

One night her drug thievery takes her to Davenport Tower, an opulent forty eight stories of luxury condos owned by the handsome, vampire billionaire, Nate Davenport. Rain’s job that evening is to locate the sellers carrying seventy-five pounds of Columbian weed, steal it and return the goods to her father. Unfortunately, the heist going down in Davenport Tower’s parking garage is interrupted by none other than Nate Davenport himself.

Nate is incensed when he discovers Rain is a drug dealer operating on his turf. He embarks on a mission to catch her committing a crime so he can bring her before a vampire tribunal where she will pay for her crimes with her life. In his efforts to get the evidence Nate needs against Rain, he instead gets information he never bargained for. Once he learns her dark secret, that she’s been brutally forced into this life of crime by her maniacal father, Nate will stop at nothing to liberate her from her feral vampire father.

To survive in a world she hates, Rain adopts a bad ass persona. It doesn’t take Nate long to see the real Alabama Rain’s heart. She’s brave and fearless, kind and compassionate. She even puts her life on the line to save twelve young girls her father has turned into vampire drug dealers. Nate falls for her and hard. But Rain’s seedy, violent world may just cost him his life when Rain’s father discovers Rain and Nate have fallen in love.


Death Marked: Death Marked Book 6 in the Forever and a Night Series

When Ganja Holden’s dangerous life in New York finally catches up with him, he runs and tells no one, not even Lydia Cordova, his girlfriend, where he’s hiding. It’s a dirty thing to do, but it’s Lydia’s own father, Mannie Cordova, who wants Gan dead. Gan is a vampire, but even with his psychic and telekinetic powers and superior strength, he isn’t immune to death.

For nearly a year, Gan worked for drug lord, Mannie Cordova, moving and selling his drugs. Or that’s what Mannie thought. During his time in the Cordova organization he was a rat for his own father who is also a drug lord. It was never his choice to be a rat and drug dealer. His feral vampire father forced him into a life of crime.

Gan works hard to establish a new, respectable life in the small town of Eureka Springs Arkansas, and he succeeds when he becomes a manager of a small retail shop, Tinkerbell’s Gems.

A diversity weekend brings Lydia, her best friend Pedro and his life partner Alex to Eureka Springs when they get an invite from some friends who live there. While shopping the threesome stumble upon Tinkerbell’s Gems and Gan. Lydia and Gan’s reunion is anything but joyful. Gan’s terrified Lydia or her friends will tell Mannie Cordova where he’s been hiding.

Finding Gan stirs up feelings of hurt and betrayal for Lydia. Lydia decides if he wants her silence he’s going to earn it. She blackmails Gan into becoming her tour guide during her visit, and works overtime to rekindle what they once shared. She may be angry with Gan, but she wants him more than ever now that he’s trying to push her to go back to New York.

Against his better judgement, Gan succumbs to her charms and the two share a night of passion. Gan discovers Lydia is his life mate when he samples her blood and their souls mesh, which is something that can only happen between a vampire and his one true love. The revelation brings Gan nothing but heartache. Like the proverbial fish and bird lovers, there is no safe place the two of them can exist.

He pulls out all the stops to get Lydia to return to New York, but she’s having no part of that. Lydia doesn’t discover Gan is a vampire until their special night together. She doesn’t care that Gan has fangs. Lydia is in love and she is determined to get him to see they belong together. Eventually Gan crumbles. Their happiness is short-lived when a betrayal brings Mannie Cordova to Gan’s doorstep.

Can true love prevail when a psychopathic drug lord will stop at nothing to snuff out Gan’s life and the love he and his daughter share?



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