Aequitas, Book Three of the Veritas Series
MJ Vieira

All deeds in the world tie together.

Without Lux, the light, you cannot see Veritas, the truth. Without Veritas, those who deserve Aequitas, or justice, will never get it. Without Aequitas, the corrupt will always get away with their vile acts and world will stay in darkness.

Aton is free and it is up to Jade and Onyx to send him back to the hell from which he came. But, it won’t be easy. Aton is set to exact his revenge on the Creator and once he gets to Eden, he will make sure all of it burns to ash. Jade will never reach Eden and save the innocent from Aton’s wrath without the help of some unlikely allies…

The day of reckoning has come for Jade’s world. The age of Aequitas is upon her.

MJ Vieira, Paranormal Thriller/Fantasy/Horror Author

MJ Vieira resides in Southern Maine with her husband, Alan, son, AJ, and their St. Bernard, Roxy. As a child, she traveled around the state with her parents, seeing the vast history the New England state had to offer as well as touring the nation while showing her American Quarter Horse. While traveling, she read many of the great authors of the time including JRR Tolkien, Stephen King, CS Lewis and Ann Rice. It is these writers combined with power of music, mainly hard rock and folk, MJ draws her inspiration. In between writing, MJ enjoys reading, collecting music and attending concerts. Lux is the first installment in the Veritas series which is MJ’s first published work.

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