Check out the new release, A Feral’s Eden book 9 in the Forever and a Night by Lana Campbell.Ken Holden’s life is boring, but it wasn’t always that way. Once upon a time he’d been a rich, powerful, feral vampire, and evil incarnate. One could say the light of truth struck him and his eyes opened. He finally sees himself for what he really is, a sick, perverted, wicked man. He repents of his ways, but that doesn’t spare him from ten long years in a vampire prison, a sentence imposed upon him by the New York Vampire Tribunal for crimes too foul to mention.

Ken serves his time, and uses it wisely to clean up. He gives his heart to God, and makes amends with his kids and others he’s harmed. Finally, he’s paroled, but his guilty soul will never be free. Ken loathes himself, and guilt consumes him.

One day while eating breakfast at his favorite coffee shop, a lovely, female vampire sits down at his booth. She introduces herself as Dr. Eden McCallister, a psychiatrist for the University of Vampire Medicine. The doctor asks Ken if he’ll consider being a part of a study the university is doing to rehabilitate feral vampires.

Ken refuses her offer at first. He doesn’t want his past exposed and examined. As Dr. McCallister tells him about the success her and other doctors are having rehabilitating feral vampires, his curiosity is peaked. Ken feels his turn around is a miracle from God. Hopeful that he might help other ferals find redemption through God’s forgiveness, he agrees, and Dr. McCallister becomes his therapist.

One day at the university, Ken discovers a feral vampire named Bryant attacking Dr. McCallister in a restroom. Ken manages to save her, but Dr. McCallister is now in grave danger. Ken knows the workings of a feral’s mind well, and that Bryant won’t stop until he’s marked Dr. McCallister as his life mate.

Without even knowing why, Ken becomes extremely invested in protecting Dr. Eden McCallister from Bryant. Soon the he’s on the fast track to falling in love. But when Bryant kidnaps some people close to Eden, and uses them to blackmail her into meeting with him, Ken fears he may lose her forever if she agrees to see the madman.

Everything’s on the line now. Eden’s life. Ken’s too, because he’ll fight to the death to keep Eden safe.

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