Second book in the series. It’s a stand-alone, but you might enjoy them more if you read them in order since some of the characters come back.

Amy McCray is on a mission to clear her half-brother of a murder charge.  He’d been with a married woman at the time, and to protect her reputation, has forbidden Amy or anyone else to mention the woman to the authorities.  Now the woman has disappeared.

Amy knows the only way she can prove her brother’s innocence is to find the woman and convince her to come back and testify.  She only has one clue: that the woman’s sister is in Big Rock.  Even though Amy’s never met her in person, it’s a small town; surely a red-haired woman won’t be too hard to find!

What she didn’t count on was a handsome sheriff getting in her way and thwarting her plans to do her own independent sleuthing.  It didn’t help that he insisted on ensuring her safety, and wasn’t hesitant to apply some western justice when she didn’t follow his rules.

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About the author

Nora Nolan is new to writing, with three books in the Big Rock Romance series for Blushing Books. The first, Marriage by Mail, was released Jun 6, 2019. The remaining volumes, A Badge in Big Rock (rel. July 2) and Deputy’s Dilemma (rel TBD), round out the series. She’s thinking about adding more because she’s fallen in love with the characters and the town.

She’s got several contemporary books underway and is currently working on a sci-fi complete with hot alpha aliens who capture the hearts of earth girls.

Nora likes to write fun stories with witty dialog and believable (mostly) characters she hopes you’ll love, too. The heroes are hot and hunky, the heroines are feisty and sometimes pay the consequences for it. You can count on a happily ever after.

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